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scenariusz The European Union - The Presentation of countries

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Welcome to a short performance about some of the countries which are member states of the European Union.

Let’s start from the beginning. Brussels – the capital city of Belgium is also the capital of the European Union. The European Union consists of 28 member states. The anthem of the European Union is Ode to Joy written by Friedrich Schiller and composed by Ludwig van Beethoven.

Let’s stand up and listen to this anthem of the European Union.

We will start the presentation of counries from Poland – our beautiful homeland.


Poland is the country reaching from the Baltic Sea in the north to the Carpathian Mountains in the south with the capital city in Warsaw. This city with Royal Castle and Royal Łazienki is guarded by mermaid.

We will sing a song in honour of our country. (polska piosenka – Rysiu)


Through the Baltic Sea I reached Finland to meet my new friends. But instead of friends I met Santa Claus with the bag full of presents!
Reindeer are ready, sleigh bells are ringing. The famous man from Lapland is going through the snowbanks to bring presents for all children!


I am Pipi originated by Swedish author. I’m crazy and I like playing tricks. I love animals: monkeys, horses and cats.

Come to our capital city Stockholm where people get Nobel prizes for their achievements.


Let’s continue our journey in Germany.

Guten Tag! I’m Little Red Riding Hood known all over the world. I’m from Germany because my story was writen by Brothers Grimm.

It’s time to visit the capital city of one of the most powerful country in the world. Berlin is famous for its Brandenburg Gate.

Thanks to Johannes Gutenberg we can read books and magazines because he introduced printing to Europe.

In Germany Ludwig van Beethoven was born whose Ode to Joy we listened at the beginning.


From Germany it’s not far away to Austria – the country with the capital city in Vienna. Vienna is known as the city of waltz. This is the place of famous musicians such as Mozart or Strauss. Let’s not forget about their symphonies and marches.

Heading for the south you reach the Alps – wonderful mountains. It’s perfect place for skiers
with its fantastic mountain routes.


The next member state of the European Union is the Czech Republic – the country with a lot of mountains – a perfect place for skiing.

You can see here Prague Castle – the largest ancient castle in the world and Charles Bridge – the oldest stone bridge. You can admire beautiful views of Prague from here.


Look around how many tulips there are here in the parks and gardens! The Netherlands is also famous for a big amount of windmills – one of the symbols of this country.

Don’t miss the chance to taste different kinds of delicious cheese here.


Hans Christian Andersen comes from this country. All of us know his fairy tales such as the Ugly Duckling or the Little Mermaid.

And Lego blocks have got their origin here. What’s the name of this country? It’s Denmark – not big country.

Visit its capital city – Copenhagen with Legoland and Tivoli Gardens to spend nice time with children in this country.


If you want to spend holidays by the Black Sea choose Romania as your summer destination!

Don’t forget to visit Bran Castle and experience the history and magic of this wonderful place where Dracula vampire – a book character is said to live there.


And now it’s time for Bulgaria famous for wonderful Golden Sands and Sunny Beach.

Don’t miss the chance to buy rose oil in country famous for roses!


It’s time for Italy – the country with the shape of boot easy to identify on the world map.

You can see Vesuvius and Pompei there.

Rome known as Eternal City is a beautiful capital city of this country with its symbol – Colosseum.

Have a rest on Spanish Steps and then don’t miss a chance to take a photo near breathtaking Fountain di Trevi.

From Rome through Florence go to Venice – the city built on water and take a gondola ride!

And Vatican City with Saint Peter’s Basilica and the Vatican Museum is the place you absolutely have to visit!

Bongiorno! Ciao! Gracie! – these words you will remember from holidays in Italy. You will taste Italian pizza and spaghetti there and relax on beautiful beaches.

Everyone dreams about such holidays!


Buenos dias! Gracias! These are easy Spanish words! In the rhythm of flamenco and the sound of castanets Spain is welcoming you!

Here’s Costa Brava – gorgeous coast that attracts on holidays a lot of people every year.

And there’s corrida for people eager for excitement in which the matador fights the bull face to face on the arena.

And what about the capital? This is Madrid – the city of Picasso who was a great painter.

If you like dancing, put on high-heeled shoes and smile because flamenco is popular here. This is beautiful but difficult national dance.

Let’s watch a short film presenting this dance.


Come to Greece and see Acropilis, Corinth, Piraeus and swim in Aegean Sea with wonderful water!

Listen to the legend saying that the name of capital city comes from Athena goddess.

Visit Greece and beautiful islands and dance zorba here to live unforgettable moments in this country!


Bon jour! Bon jour! Look at France with the capital city in Paris by Seine. You can see famous Notre Dame here and the Eiffel Tower – the symbol of Paris. This is the city of famous painters and musicians. Louvre is one of the most important museum to visit here. Come to France and see the charming smile of Mona Lisa and famous castles, too.

And French Riviea for those who dream about holidays at wonderful seaside!

And for children the visit in Disneyland and meeting with Mickey Mouse, Donald Duck and other Walt Disney’s characters will be unforgettable experience!


Let’s go by train from France to England through The English Channel where you can visit London from the top of a double-decker bus.

Winnie the Pooh

Welcome! I’m Winnie the Pooh. My homeland is England, you know me, all children know me, I’m famous all over the world!

Queen Elizabeth II

Listen to the bongs of Big Ben! Let’s express our special thanks to the Queen Elizabeth II for the long rule over this rainy but beautiful country.

Look! It’s five o’clock! Let’s drink a cup of tea and listen to the Beatles. It’s nice rock’n’droll music.

(utwór the Beatles)


Let’s go on to Turkey now waiting to join the European Union.

This is the country with Islamic culture and paradise for enthusiasts of sunny weather and beautiful beaches.

Don’t miss the chance to do shopping on Turkish bazaar with plenty of carpets, headscarves and original souvenirs. The smell of coffee and exotic spices evoke the climate of Orient here.

Thank you for your attention! We hope you remember some of the curiosities about these member states of the European Union.
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