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Główne przyczyny bogactwa materialnego i nędzy duchowej (po angielsku)

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The main reasons of: poverty, material wealth and the poverty of spirit
of some people of the modern world
3)The poverty of spirit of the handful of rich people is responsible
for extreme poverty the most people suffer. The big heaves are the reason
of poverty (BHRP).

4)Their poverty of spirit arises out of:
- mental limits
- short-sightedness

5) The tasks of intelligent people
- expanding mental horizon of BHRP
BHRP are blind to everything except for material wealth

6) The wealth itself cannot bring happiness described by the formula S=

7) Many mishappenings might have been avoided if the intelligent people
would have been inclined to popularize and explain the formula of happiness

8) The components of happiness:
Z - the number of our activities we like
S - variety of ways to reach the target
Y - braveness in solving the problem
I - distance to the target (I=VT)
V - rapidity at reaching the target
T - timespan to reach the target
u - emotional penetrability
e - intellectual penetrability

9) The formula of happiness tells us about:
- the way to reach the target
- necessity of showing love to the neighbours

10) The intelligent people may play the important part as:
- advocates of the national peculiarities
- successors of the components of European cultural tradition and European

Therefore they should go beyond voicing generalities

11) The progress of humanity is owed to:
- modern engineering,
- exact mathematic formulas

12) The reasons of all sorts of evil
- generalized theory of relativity applied to ethic and moral issues
- the law of perverseness is used as the tool to prove anything
- dialectic is based on ethically forbidden eristic tricks
- NLP method is being unproperly applied

13) NLP method worked out by famous psychiatrist Ericsson to help the
treatment of mentally ill people became today a tool to foul the people

14) Eristic tricks are used in order to:
- falsify the truth
- ridicule the political opponents,
- win the elections

15) NLP methods are being applied to:
- foul the people in a subtle way,
- promote the sales of all sorts of insurance policies,
- formation of insurance agents at the special courses,
- all sorts of publicity business,
- control subconcience of people,
- encourage the consumer to buy often detrimental "necessities".
"food products" and even drugs

16) By means of NLP:
- the people are being induced to borrow money
- to contract a debt,
That all is being done for the BHRP could have build up fortunes
and wealth

17) The heaves:
- make up for appr. 2% of population
- control of about 90% of human wealth,
- are constantly piling up their wealth,
- are characterized by exceptional poverty of spirit,

18) The heaves ignore that:
- what they need to be happy is not material wealth but love to their
neighbours. Therefore, they are unfortunate people,
- they cannot be loved taking unfair advantage of their neighbours.

19) The general law od perverseness says that:
- any effect caused by certain reason is directed against that same reason,
- it is an essence of the feedback featured in steering technics

20) Out of the law of perverseness results that only in a:
- sistematic,
- patient and wise way
can the present situation of humanity be changed

21) The main task of intelligent people consists of:
- stimulating consciousness of BHRP who are unaware of what they are doing,
- pointing to the fact that BHRP are doing harm to themselves and to others

by their excessive greed

22) Owing to exact sciences the progress was achieved in:
- science,
- culture,
- knowledge of the world and humanity
- philosophy (love and wisdom)
- manipulating the people by those deprived of the ability of strict
reasoning and dominated by shortsighted greed

23) The BHRP being greedy and of poor spirit are leading to:
- their own extermination and that of the whole humanity as well,
- extermination of the scientist and inventors alike who helped the heaves
to be what they are

24) That is what the general law of perverseness is all about.

25) The intelligent people have to:
- draw attention to the law of perverseness commonly in use and skilfully
take advantage of it,
- direct their skills at the laws governing the nature,
- set up the rules in agreement with the nature and not against it

26) To face effectively incoming global catastrophe the action should be
taken to:
- take advantage of strict reasoning,
- taking into consideration the intuition (common sense) of the most
- warn the people against eristic tricks,
- get familiar with NLP

27) Getting out of crisis is what the people need most. Crisis has many
- economic,
- moral,
- intellectual,
- philosophical

28) To reach any success it is necessary to:
- get knowledge how to make it,
- believe that it is possible,
- have a will to reach it and start to work

29) There were already political systems based on:
- slave labour,
- faith,
- mainly wisdom,
- before long, better times will come in which wisdom, faith, labour will be

complementary to each other (vision of such times is demonstrated on

30) Thanks for your attention.

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